Nowa, rewolucyjna gama produktów do druku cyfrowego na tekstyliach DIAMONTEX firmy Zschimmer & Schwarz umożliwia perfekcyjny wydruk na wszystkich rodzajach włókien.


Unikalna możliwość wyboru między naszymi uniwersalnymi zagęstnikami do każdego typu włókna lub jednym z naszych specjalnie dedykowanych produktów.

Zintegrowany system może być łatwo dostosowany do indywidualnych potrzeb dla uzyskania ostrych konturów i czystych głębokich kolorów na włóknach syntetycznych i celulozowych. 





Textile Auxiliaries:


Dependable agents to assist the processing and finishing of fibres, yarns and fabrics


Fibres, yarns, woven and knitted wear represent the wide variety of presentations of the textile goods made from different substrates such as natural or man-made fibres. The numerous finishing processes which are necessary during manufacturing require an equally wide variety of textile auxiliaries.


We manufacture an extensive range of special products which are the result of dedicated development work and techniques carried out under practical operating conditions. Our field staff and representatives sell these products world-wide. The state-of-the-art equipment used in our laboratories allows us constantly to adapt our auxiliaries to respond to ever-changing fashions and demands and to help you achieve the optimum results. The preliminary and intermediary products developed for the manufacturing process are largely derived from our own production, enabling us to present tailormade solutions.

Benefit from of the experiences we have gained over many years. Contact our qualified technicians of our Technical Services Department or our technical representatives to discuss the benefits our products can offer for your specific application.


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